Marine Local Ecological Footprinting Tool

Providing information for risk management in the marine environment

A Simple Index

For a chosen area, the marine LEFT tool assembles relevant environmnetal data from global databases. Within minutes it provides a report with maps of different aspects of the environment

World-Class Algorithms

The LEFT tool uses algorithms formulated by researchers at the University of Oxford to assess the pattern of ecological features across a chosen area.

Local Assessments, Global Data

Any landscape in the world can be assessed - up to approximately 100,000km2 at a time. Output maps include information on: risk assessment; biodiversity; vulnerability; intactness; connectivity and resilience.

The Marine LEFT Process

Marine LEFT assembles data, performs an analysis and generates a report.

A decision support tool for the marine environment

The algorithms for Marine LEFT have been developed by our team at the University of Oxford, UK.

  • Algorithms developed from scientific literature
  • Globally consistent, up-to-date, high spatial resolution data
  • Provides geospatial data to download and use in a desktop Geographical Information System
  • Identifies potential operational and reputational risks
  • Supports corporate social responsibility reporting
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